Issue Date: August 21, 2000

Art Sculptures Attracting Second Looks
By Jack Urso
Ambassador Of The Streets

Two boys stand on a street corner while a woman walks her dog, and a man strums a guitar as a young girl hangs onto a stop sign.

Look more closely: you can see a jogger, a mother reading to her child, and a police officer writing a parking ticket.

Typical activities of urban life, but also activities transformed into art and displayed on the streets of downtown Albany – amidst their real-life counterparts – since 1998.

Sponsored by the Downtown Albany Business Improvement District (BID), the statues by J. Seward Johnson are meant to liven up downtown’s streets and attract more business to the city.

The statues have been a hit with the general public, but the local arts community has been reticent about putting its stamp of approval on the project, pushing instead for local works to be displayed locally. Story

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Career Moves
Job Changes and Accolades

Horse Sense
Our behind the scenes look at Saratoga's Flat Track


Tire Recall Too Little Too Late
Local Bridgestone/Firestone tire dealers aren’t talking about their company’s massive tire recall – but a local public relations executive said more forthright communication from corporate headquarters from the start could have made a bad situation better.

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Infected Crow Found in Albany
A crow infected with the West Nile Virus has been found dead in the City of Albany, according to a statement released by the Albany County Department of Health at 4:30 this afternoon.


Publisher Lends An Urban Voice
Albany resident Kenny Braswell is a man with a vision who has seen his dream – a newspaper with a social conscience—comes to fruition with the publication of Urban Voices.


Variety Spices Up Piano Festival
Loan Mona Golub Ganz a baby grand piano and she asks for two. Whatever Mona wants, Mona gets.