PRC (China )

Chin Chiang / Jinjiang / Qingyang Airbase

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Location: 2447'N 11835'E

Description: Probably a military airbase with possible secondary civil air usage. Imagery from 1969 revealed Chin Chiang to have a hard-surface 5,600-foot runway, with one alert hardstands at each end of the runway. Capable of housing up to 40 aircraft. 30 revetted hardstands are deployed at the base, each one capable of holding from one to three fighter aricraft. A possible weapons storage area (WSA) in the northern part of the base for the storage of bombs and munitions for ground-attack aircraft as well as probable petroleum, oils, and lubricants (POL) facility storage. Chin Chiang can support between 30 to 90 combat aircraft. Air defense batteries appear located at the northeastern end of the base.

Photographs: Declassified imagery from CORONA-class satellites.