ROC (Taiwan)

Chiayi Air Base

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Location: 2327'42"N 12023'34"E

Description: Established on May 19, 1976. The longest runway at Chiayi has been reported 10,006 feet long. The aviation building was constructed between July 16 and Dec. 18, 1977 and opened on Jan. 1, 1978. Upgraded to an auxiliary on Jan. 1, 1993, in order to accommodate the increasing number of transport traffic. Designated a Class C station on Nov. 1, 1997.

Stationed at ChiaYi AB: 455th Tactical Fighter Wing, 21 Sqn (F-16A), 22 Sqn (F-16A), 23 Sqn (F-16A), SAR Sqn (S-70C).

Photographs: Declassified imagery from CORONA-class satellites.