ROC (Taiwan)

Tainan Air Base

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Location: 2257'01"N 12012'20"E

Description: The Tainan Airport is utilized by both civilian and military authorities. The longest runway is a reported 10,007 feet long. There are currently two runways, both under the management of the air force, each 10,0006 ft (3,050 m) long and 147.6 ft (45 m) wide and can accommodate aircraft capable of carrying 200 passengers. A new apron opened on December 8, 1999 can handle five large aircraft.

Stationed at Tainan AB: 443 Tactical Fighter Wing, 1 Sqn (Ching-Kuo), 3 Sqn (Ching-Kuo), 9 Sqn (Ching-Kuo), 71 Sqn (AT-3B), 72 Sqn (ACH-1).

Photographs: Declassified imagery from CORONA-class satellites.