PRC (China )


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Location: 2522'00"N 11842'00"E

Description: Publically revealed in late 1999, Xianyou is comprised of a pair of missiles bases constructed to support medium range DF-11 / M-11 [CSS-7 Mod 2 ] ballistic missiles. One base is at Yong'an (not Yangang, as first reported), some 220 miles (350 km) from Taiwan. Xianyou is aprroximately 135 miles (220 km) from Taiwan. Xianyou was reported nearly complete in late 1999. These new bases generally resemble the Leping facility, which serves a brigade of DF-15 / M-9 [CSS-6] mobile missiles. These new facilities have tunnels to store the missiles and can support a brigade-size force with 16 truck launchers and 97 CSS-7 mobile missiles.

Photograph: Declassified imagery from the Ikonos satellite.