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1948 Jan.- Feb., Manchuria: During a second Chinese Communist attempt to seize the Liaosi Corridor, Cheng Kai-shek takes command of Nationalist Chinese forces in Manchuria. After the corridor is secured Chiang returns to Nanking.

1948 March-April, North/Central China: The Chinese Communist offensive in Shensi results in the recapture of their former capital at Yenan on April 19, lost to Nationalist Chinese forces a year previously.

1948 March-Sept., Manchuria:
The Communists Chinese forces continue to apply pressure on the Nationalist military formations resulting with the Nationalist withdrawal from Ch'angch'un. This action demoralized the Nationalist army to a large extent. Communist forces then seized the Liaosi Corridor on Sept. 12. Chiang Kai-shek traveled to Peking to assume military command, ordering his forces to withdraw.

1948 May-September, North/Central China: Communist forces begin an offensive in the Yellow River Valley which culminates in the Battle of Tsinan from Sept. 14-24, during which 80,000 Nationalist troops are captured or defect to the Communist Chinese side.

1948 Oct. 27-30, Manchuria:
Three retreating Nationalist army columns where attacked by the Communist forces. Most Nationalist soldiers involved in this action where either killed, captured, or fled. Nationalist General Liao Yueh-hsiang, in command, a veteran of action in Burma, was killed.

1948 Nov. 1, Manchuria: The city of Mukden falls to the Communist Chinese forces, who are in control of the whole of Manchuria by Dec. 31. The Nationalists have lost 300,000 men in their attempt to take Manchuria.

1948-1949 November-January, North/Central China: Battle of the Hwai Hai: Approximately 500,000 troops on both sides are engaged in the fighting. The Nationalist forces lose the battle with casualties reported to be as high as 250,000 men, including the commanders of the Nationalist Second and Seventh Army groups.

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