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1950, National Republic: Social and political reforms promised on the mainland are finally made good by the Nationalists. US economic and military aid resumes.

1950 Feb. 15, China (People's Republic): A treaty of friendship and alliance is made with the USSR.

1950 April 23, China (People's Republic):
Communist Chinese forces take control of island of Hainan.

1950 June 25, National Republic: Nationalist Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek offers military assistance to United Nations forces in Korea who are engaged against the North, who in turn are supplied by the Communist Chinese. Although the offer was considered by General Douglas MacArthur, it is turned down by President Harry S Truman.

1950 June 27, United States of America: President Truman orders the US Navy's Seventh Fleet to prevent Communist Chinese forces from attacking Formosa and also to prevent Nationalists attacks launched from Formosa against the mainland.

1950 Oct. 26, China (People's Republic): The Communist Chinese government invades Tibet.

1952 February, United Nations: The United Nations censures the USSR for obstructing the Nationalist Chinese government from exerting control in Manchuria and for providing military assistance to the Communist Chinese.

1953 February 2, United States of America: US President Dwight Eisenhower issues a declaration that the Seventh Fleet would no longer "serve as a defensive arm of the Communists, " this referring to the US policy of preventing the Nationalist forces from striking the Communist Chinese on the mainland.

1954 Aug. 17, Formosa: Communist Chinese forces threaten Formosa. President Eisenhower responds by publicly stating the US Navy Seventh Fleet would defend Formosa if Communist Chinese forces attempted to invade.

1954 Sept. 3, Formosa: Communist Chinese forces bombard Quemoy island, under Nationalist control, with artillery. The US Seventh Fleet moves to defensive positions around the Quemoy. The Communists would continue to bombard Quemoy periodically from 1954 to 1964.

1954 Dec. 2, Formosa-United States of America: The territorial limits of the Nationalist Chinese government controlled areas are declared to be Formosa and the Pescadores islands. Communist Chinese forces continue to bombard Quemoy and Matsu islands.

1954 Dec. 8, China (People's Republic): PRC Minister of Foreign Affairs, Zhou Enlai, releases a statement calling the Mutual Defense of the Treaty of Republic of China and the United States an "agressive" treaty of war.

1955 January, China (National Republic): The Nationalist Chinese controlled Tachen islands are threatened by Communist Chinese air raids and small sea-craft. The US Seventh Fleet assists in the evacuation of 25,000 military and 17,000 civilians from the Tachen to Formosa from Feb. 6-11. President Eisenhower requests emergency powers from Congress to allow US forces to protect Formosa and the Pescadores from any Communist Chinese attacks.

1955 June 7, National Republic/Communist forces: The bombardment of Quemoy and Matsu islands by Chinese Communist forces ceases, an uneasy cease-fire settles in.

1955 July 30, China (People's Republic): Zhou Enlai, now the PRC premier, reports to the second conference of the first National People's Congress, "There are two possible ways for liberating Taiwan -- one is by war, and the other is by peaceful means. The Chinese people prefer using the peaceful means if the situation permits."

1957-1965, China (People's Republic): A rift emerges between the Communist Chinese leaders and the Soviet leaders in the USSR over the differences in Communist ideology and political/military objectives.

1958 Aug. 23, Quemoy Island:
Quemoy island is again bombarded by Communist artillery "blockade fire," preventing the resupply of the Nationalist military garrison and civilians. The US Seventh Fleet defends Nationalist air and sea supply efforts, the Communist threat soon fades with Communist "blockade fire" dramatically reduced by October, nearly ceasing altogether by the following June.

1959 Aug. 29, China (People's Republic): The Indian border is crossed by Communist Chinese forces. Indian Border troops are defeated by the Communist Chinese troops in subsequent battles.

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